Located at 715 Glengarry Street.  This is a tourist location where travelers can take unique pictures in the summer or winter.

The Caboose was donated by CP Rail System and delivered to Carbon on October 20, 1995 with the transportation donated by Joanne Trucking. The Caboose was requested in 1993 in accordance with a 5 year plan to promote tourism and cultural projects in the Village.  Since Carbon no longer had a station in our community and we are located on the end of a rail line, our Village felt the need to preserve the fact that Carbon had always been served by the railway, and it was vital to our foundation and remains vital to our preservation.

Caboose-Tera-Little Caboose

Caboose in Summer
Photo Credit: Tera Little

Caboose-front Caboose

Caboose in Winter
Photo Credit: Dennel Barnes