Enjoy Camping- Rent a Tenting Cabin in Carbon

Many families love campgrounds like the picturesque, serviced sites that Carbon has to offer. Pack your bags and your kids and book in for a week of swimming lessons at the adjacent pool! Enjoy the slower pace of small-town vibes.

Experience the best of both worlds when you unplug and recharge during your camp trip to Carbon, Alberta!

Are you looking for a camping experience that combines the great outdoors with modern amenities? Camping in a quaint, picturesque village may be just what you’re looking for. Located in Carbon, Alberta, this type of camping offers all the benefits of being in nature, while still providing access to electricity, running water, and even Wi-Fi. Here are some of the joys of on-the-grid camping that families can enjoy:

Swimming Lessons and More at Carbon Campground
The Carbon Campground in Carbon is a perfect example of an on-the-grid camping experience. With a variety of amenities and activities, families can enjoy swimming lessons, evenings by the fire, ball tournaments and more!

Save the Cost of Hauling a Trailer and Rent a Tenting Cabin!
For families who want a little extra comfort over a typical tenting experience, try a tenting cabin! These are equipped with a bed and are near the washrooms. This is a great option for families who want to experience the outdoors but still want a decent sleep. Add to that the peace of mind you get not having to worry about the ever-changing Alberta weather.  These modest, non-service shelters are almost identical to regular tenting, except there is no question about staying dry when its raining or blowing away in high winds! Click here to learn more about Tenting Cabins.

Local Business
A thriving little community, the Village of Carbon has everything you need to enjoy your stay. The best part is the convenience of being able to walk or bike everywhere! Forgot toiletries? Head to the store and pick up essentials. Or choose from a handful of restaurants for a great meal or a cool treat on a hot summer day. Click here to see all of the businesses Carbon has to offer.

Lion’s Park
Enjoy the stunning surroundings as your walk along the pathways that wind past Kneehills Creek and over beautiful bridges. From Frisbee Golf to Outdoor Movie Nights, the park is a great place for visitor’s to Carbon to check out. Click here to learn more about Lion’s Park.

Bike Rides and Fun with Other Kids
On-the-grid camping also allows kids to enjoy a variety of activities with other children. From bike rides to ball tournaments, kids can make new friends and create lasting memories. Time your trip with a holiday weekend and you just might enjoy a fireworks display or two!

Explore the Beauty of the Badlands
Of course, one of the main draws of camping in Carbon is the natural beauty of the Badlands. From the towering hoodoos to the expansive canyons, there is no shortage of stunning scenery to explore.

In Conclusion

On-the-grid camping in Carbon offers the perfect mix of nature and modern amenities for families who want to enjoy a variety of activities. Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool or explore the beauty of the Badlands, there is something for everyone at the Carbon Campground. Upgrade to a camp cabin for a new twist on a trusted tradition, and let the kids enjoy bike rides and fun with other children.