A-Volunteerism_MG_7475-2-300x200 Volunteerism

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New to Carbon? Want to volunteer a little or a lot of your time?

Contact the Village Office for updated contact information if you would like to help or join any of the clubs/groups/organizations below as they are always looking for new members.

Click here to send us an email to the Village Office


    • Library Manager: Jay-Lynn Boutin
    • Contact: Box 70 Carbon, AB T0M 0L0, Phone (403) 572-3440, Facebook @ Village of Carbon Library, Follow on Instagram, Twitter, & Tik Tok, Email: acarmlibrary@marigold.ab.ca

The Village of Carbon Library is governed by a board.  If you have an interest in volunteering, we are always looking for volunteers to assist with events that include annual duck race, annual pancake breakfast on Oktoberfest, community garden, highway cleanup, markets, and other events.