Local Government

The Village of Carbon is governed under the Municipal Government Act. Our office includes an elected Mayor, Deputy Mayor, 3 Councillors along with a salaried Administrator (CAO), Administration Assistant, Administrative Clerk, Public Works Foreman, Public Works Assistant and Public Works Permanent Part Time.

Council Meetings are held at 6:00pm on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. To join the Council Meetings, please call the following teleconference number: 1-403-917-1573. This is for listening purposes only – no questions will be answered unless you are on the agenda.

Property Taxes

Property taxes pay for the services and programs provided by the Municipality including but not limited to community services, emergency services, parks, road maintenance, and more.

Taxation Notice & Property Assessments are issued at the end of May or early June each year.  Payment is due by July 31st of that year unless you are on the Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPPS).  A 9% tax penalty is added to any outstanding balance as of August 1st and an 18% penalty on any balance as of January 1st.

The Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPPS) divides the current property taxes into monthly instalments from January to December in any year. Inquire at the Village Office for more information.



Water/wastewater bills are distributed to residents on a bi-monthly basis (January-February, March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, November-December) and include a flat bi-monthly Administration and Maintenance fee, basic water consumption charge (22.73 cubic meters/5000 gallons), consumption overage charge (if applicable), garbage and sewer.

The water meter reading date is the 18th day of every second month. If the 18th falls on a weekend, the reading date will be the following Monday.


All utility accounts must be in the owner’s name. However, we can send a copy of the bill to the renter at the owner’s request.

Payment Options

  1. In person, telephone or online through your banking institution. If you are paying your Tax Bill through online banking, please use the Village of Carbon Taxes as the Payee using your roll number as the account number. If you are paying your Utility Bill through online banking, please use the Village of Carbon Utility as the Payee with your account number. If your banking institution requires more digits than our account numbers, please use 0’s (zero) in front of your account number. We suggest setting up re-occurring payments if you are joining the TIPPS program.
  2. By e-transfer payment to admin@villageofcarbon.com. Include roll number in message.
  3. By cheque through mail to the Village of Carbon, PO Box 249, Carbon, AB, T0M 0L0 or the after-hours drop box located outside the Municipal Office entrance.
  4. By Credit, Debit or Cash at the Village of Carbon office, Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm.

For your convenience, the Village of Carbon offers both paper and paperless billing. You can sign up for eSEND billing by filling out and returning the eSEND form to the Village Office.

Utility Service Providers

Electric Power & Natural Gas

Utilities Consumer Advocate                      310-4822
(To get different providers rate plans)


Telus Residential Customer Service          310-2255
Telus Business Customer Service               310-3100


Bell                                                                    (888)-759-3474
Shaw Direct                                                     (888)-554-7827
Telus                                                                 310-6988


Drum Wireless                                                (403) 823-8777
Telus                                                                  310-2255
Xplornet                                                            (866) 841-6001



Garbage collection takes place every Wednesday and should be placed at the curb by 8:00am on collection day.

All garbage must be placed in an animal proof container with a lid. The limit is 4 garbage bags for residential and 8 bags for commercial per week.  Addition garbage tags can be purchased at the Village Office for $1.00 per tag.


The Carbon Transfer Station is open to residents every Saturday from 9:00am – 5:00pm to dispose of any additional garbage (Household Waste Only).

The Carbon Transfer Station is located East on Sharples Road.
Take your first left off Sharples Road and the Transfer Station is your first right on top of the hill.


Cardboard and Newspaper recycling bins are located in the Diamond Valley Subdivision.  The Carbon Bottle Depot accepts bottles for cash, and nonpayment items: electronic waste, tin, and specific hard plastic.


All animals must be licensed. The Animal License Application Form can be found on the Village of Carbon website or at the Village Office.


New license or renewal of license in the current year (January)
Neutered Dog & Cat: $20.00
Unaltered Dog & Cat:  $30.00

New license or renewal of license (as of February 1)

Neutered Dog & Cat: $35.00
Unaltered Dog & Cat:  $45.00

Business License

If you are planning to start a new business within the Village of Carbon you are required to purchase a Business License. The Business License Application Form can be found on the Village of Carbon website or at the Village Office.


New Business License: $25.00
Annual Renewal: $10.00

All Business License Permits need to be renewed at the beginning of each calendar year. Please renew your Business License by January 31st each year.

Included in the pricing is free advertisement on our Facebook Page, Website, and monthly Newsletter.

Development & Building Permits

If you are planning to construct any type of building, regardless of size or use, make additions/renovations to an existing structure or erect a fence or sign, please contact the Village Office for information regarding a development permit application, building permit, and inspection requirements. Permitted and non-permitted uses have requirements that must be met. Please allow plenty of time for approval. Any development or construction that takes place before approval is granted, is done at the owners/developers own risk and will constitute a stop work order and corresponding fine.

Our Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Planning Commission provide guidelines and specific requirements for all development in our community.  Please contact the Village Office for all developments that you are considering.