Municipal Rates

Water, Sewer, Garbage & Services

Water Source: Aqua 7 Regional Water Commission

Water Rate
Effective January 2020

a) A Flat $30.00 bi-monthly Administration / Maintenance Fee will continue on the utility bill to pay the administration fee the Village is charged by the Water Commission.
b) For the first five thousand gallons (5000) or the metric equivalent of 22.73 cubic meters or less of water consumed, the rate of charge shall be: $105.24 bi-monthly.
c) For use over five thousand gallons (5000) or the metric equivalent of 22.73 cubic meters, the rate of charge shall be: $21.18 per one thousand gallons (1,000) or the metric equivalent of $4.63 per cubic meter.

NEW! ONLINE payments can now be made with most financial institutions. NOTE: Utility Account Code and Tax Account Codes are different.

Sewer Rates:

a) Residential- $35.12 bi-monthly
b) Churches/Halls – $44.75 bi-monthly
b) Commercial – $44.75 bi-monthly
c) Wash-bays/Laundromat – $55.80 bi-monthly
d) Hotels – $203.94 bi-monthly
e) Schools – $240.48 bi-monthly
f) Apartment/Lodges – $35.12 bi-monthly
g) Any other not specified – $35.12 bi-monthly

Waste Collection Rate:

a) All serviced addresses – $23.05 bi-monthly
b) Over bag limit tag – $1.00 per bag/tag


a) Water Disconnect/Connect – $50.00
b) Transfer utility arrears to taxes fee – $40.00
c)  Disconnect water due to non payment fee – $50.00

Cardboard & Newsprint Recycling:

Bins – Cardboard & Newspaper located at Diamond Valley Subdivision (located off Rosebud Street and Sharples Rd). Please note specifications on the bins as to what is only accepted.

All cardboard needs to be flattened.


August 1, unpaid current tax balances receive 9% Penalty.  **This penalty has been waived for 2020 due to COVID-19.**
January 1, unpaid balances receive 18% Penalty.